Twitter: The Fastest-Growing Social Network [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter’s 32% increase in traffic in 2011 is enough to see the network leapfrog LinkedIn as the number two most-visited social network overall, behind Facebook, says TechVibes, touting data from Comscore.

Twitter’s traffic growth has been tops amongst all social networks for the past three years. The site saw 32.5 million visitors in July, and is now the 34th most-visited site in the U.S., leap-frogging the stagnant LinkedIn (ranked 36th).

Of course, this data only tracks visitors to, and doesn’t count all the millions of people who access the site exclusively through a client (such as TweetDeck or HootSuite) or on their phones. That’s why these like-for-like comparisons have always been a little unfair on Twitter, because while the platform’s user count is almost certainly still a long way behind Facebook, I’m pretty sure it dwarfs LinkedIn and everybody else in this space.

One more thing: Comscore’s data is very US-bias and all independent visitor analysis should be taken with a hefty pinch because it’s, at best, an estimate. If only there was a company out there who were privy to the actual Twitter data, then we could put all of this idle speculation behind us.

Any idea who that could be?

(Source: Techvibes.)