Twitter Traffic Just +0.08% For March, Facebook +3.28%, LinkedIn +3.76%, Friendfeed -4.05%

This is a monthly series that looks at visitor data for all the major social networks as calculated by Compete is USA-biased, and certainly in the case of Twitter the visitor numbers are distorted by the openness of Twitter’s API and the numerous Twitter software clients, but on a like-for-like basis the numerics have value and warrant investigation. Please refer to previous installments in this series for a more detailed overview.

After February’s -9.63% dip, Twitter rebounded just +0.08% for March, registering 21,287,217 unique visits, and 161,903,421 overall.

The latter figure is up some 12.47%, which is encouraging, but a little strange. It would appear that while new users are possibly cooling to the platform (many people move on the more feature-packed clients after a period of time on the network, but everybody starts on, existing members are using in greater numbers. This, of course, is ideal for Twitter, but the continuing plateau in new registrations remains a source of some concern.

Moreover, it confirms that last month’s decline was not an aberration caused simply because of a shortened month. For some reason, since the January highs traffic to has fallen over 10 per cent, and stayed that way. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next few months.

Facebook, which also fell in February, added another +3.28% uniques to 132,040,907, and 3,046,062,608 overall (+8.76%), just short of the peaks we saw in January of this year.

LinkedIn and MySpace also rallied, up +3.76% (14,725,669) and +6.25% (47,582,253) respectively.

Meanwhile, last month’s Friendfeed rebound appears to have been an error from Compete. In March, the network dropped -4.05% to just 467,946 unique visitors, which is a new low.

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