Twitter Traffic Down -0.17% For September, Facebook +1.93%, Friendfeed -28.41%

Last month we reported on the continuing plateau in social media growth across all networks, and according to data at, September was no exception.

Twitter saw a 0.17 per cent dip in growth for the previous month, registering 23,538,791 unique visitors, and 144,661,590 overall (-2.68%). This means Twitter has gained just over half a million unique visitors since June.

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Facebook edged up 1.93 per cent, to 124,579,479 uniques.

MySpace continues to decline rapidly, dropping another 9.66% (50,229,156), and has lost around 10 million unique visitors over the last three months.

Friendfeed fell a massive 28.41 per cent, with only 747,616 individuals visiting the site in September. Plurk also fell heavily, down 15.44 per cent, registering less than quarter of a million isolated visits.

The best performer once again was LinkedIn, which grew 5.68 per cent to 15,051,069 uniques. The network has seen almost 50 per cent growth since May of this year, adding almost four million visitors.

The reasons are unclear, but with one legitimate exception (LinkedIn), social media is clearly in the midst of something of a slump. It will be interesting to see if Twitter in particular can regenerate itself by the end of this year and approach anything like the growth we saw at the beginning of 2009.

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