Twitter Hasn’t Completely Forgotten About its Devs, Will Host #devnestSF in May

There was a lot of huff as the one-year anniversary of Twitter’s inaugural Chirp Developer Conference came and went without a word from the company as to when (or if) there would be another one. And while it looks like they won’t be doing something quite that big this year, they are sending a message to their developers that they still care: they’re hosting a small #devnestSF tweetup at their offices in San Francisco in May, and will be setting up more of these around the US and the world in the near future.

Jason Costa, Twitter’s recently hired developer relations manager, reached out late Wednesday on the Twitter Development Talk Google Group to announce #devnestSF.

The event will take place in San Francisco on May 12th between 6:30 and 8:30 pm, at the Twitter office. No details yet on the format of the event, but given that it’s only two hours long you can expect that it won’t have the same conference/keynote speakers format as Chirp. It will likely be a more informal meet and greet, networking-type event, sanctioned by Twitter.

Costa explains that they are building on the format the the Devnest UK developers have already established, specifically thanking Angus Fox and Jonathan Markwell for letting Twitter use what they’ve developed.

If you’re San Francisco-based, you’d better RSVP to this event fast: there are only 26 spots left according to its twtvite page. And if you’re not in San Francisco, you should keep your eyes on the Twitter Development Talk Google Group for news of the other US and international Devnest events to come.