Twitter Experiencing Hiccups Today; Engineers Busy Burping It

Yes, Twitter has been up down and all around today. Moving sloooow for many and completely offline (for a little bit) for others.

If you’d read our other post, you knew (immediately) when Twitter was down today. If you didn’t, you may have panicked and thought the Syrian Electronic Army scored big.

But not today, SAE! Not . . . yet.

Did you see this today?

Or . . . THIS?!

Twitter wasn’t just down today, mind you. According to GotSiteMonitor, it has experienced many (brief) outages over the past two months; lucky 13 to be exact:

So what happened today? Here’s Twitter’s explanation:

Due to an error in a routine change, Twitter was not available from 1:08pm PDT to 1:33pm PDT.  We rolled back the erroneous change as soon as we identified the issue. Additionally, some users may have experienced Tweet delivery delay from 1:33pm PDT and 1:53pm PDT.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter. Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.

Those dang erroneous routine change errors!

But rest assured, it will be back to normal soon. Just save those witty nuggets of nonsense as drafts somewhere and let’s see if we can’t crash it again with our words. Such power.

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