Twitter Hints At Easier Way To Quote Tweets

The official Twitter Media page posted an interesting observation about using Tweets as quotes today, and hinted that they may be introducing something to help with integrating tweets into articles. In their post, they talk about how Marshall Kirkpatrick, the lead writer at ReadWriteWeb, reported the latest HP acquisition rumors by just including a series of tweets as quotes. What will this new feature be, and are tweets fully quotable in articles? Read on for some analysis.

If you take a look at the original article, you can see that Marshall collects a series of quotes and pastes them in and his review of the acquisition rumors. This is done by a lot of writers, and makes sense for articles where you really just want to get the facts and key ideas to your readers, without having to put it into full article form. Sure, it’s a bit crude and the writing loses its aesthetic appeal, but there are definitely a ton of uses for articles that just use a series of quotes from people who know the space, especially when those tweet-quotes include links to revelant information.

The Twitter article echoes the idea that this simplicity is extremely useful for fact-based articles. They like the way their Tweets logically arrange the data and keep out the clutter. But what are they planning? They end their article by indicating that a “pasted-in image” of a tweet is a bit of a hack. This is in reference to the fact that what Marshall did was cut and paste images of all the tweets he needed. Twitter seems poised to solve this problem with some sort of API, or something, to automatically include tweets in your article. We’ll see what they’re up to soon.

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