Twitter Influences More Consumer Purchases Than Facebook

According to a recent study, it looks like Twitter is more influential than Facebook when it comes to influencing purchases. 35 percent of respondents said their Twitter feed has been influential or extremely influential on their purchase decisions, while only 23.5 percent of Facebook users said the same.

The study was conducted by Kantar Media Compete, and is part of their quarterly Online Shopper Intelligence Study, and surveyed 2,574 online purchasers between July 14 and August 8 2011.

More than a third of those who have purchased something online said that Twitter had influenced at least one of their purchases in the past. This is big news for Twitter, as the company continues to expand its Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts offerings to advertisers in the hopes of bringing in new revenue.

Perhaps tied to this is the fact that almost three quarters of respondents wait for something to go on sale before they make a purchase – and many Promoted Tweets are used by advertisers to highlight a current promotion or sale. Twitter seems to be a great platform for finding deals, which is what consumers are looking for.

Despite the fact that Twitter is so popular for finding out about sales and new products, advertisers still aren’t tapping in to its cousin, SMS. Three quarters of respondents said that they don’t receive text messages from retailers in a typical week.

It’s curious to see that Twitter beats out Facebook in terms of influencing online purchasing behavior. Part of the reason might be the more targeted content coming from Twitter, as opposed to ads on the side panel of Facebook. Even though these Facebook ads might be targeted demographically, they are always there and people may be trained to ignore them. Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, on the other hand, pop up only occasionally for any individual Twitter user, and are based on who that user is already following.

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Image courtesy of joingate via Shutterstock