Celebrity DJ’s Twitter Block Party Invite Leads To Chaos, Riots Outside Mann’s Chinese Theatre

An invitation to attend a block party from a popular DJ on Twitter ended with an out-of-control crowd of over 2,000 people swarming on Hollywood Boulevard, where they clashed with riot police before the street was closed.

Bottles were thrown, cars were vandelised and hundreds of people refused to leave the area after they were unable to attend an exclusive screening at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (previously known as Mann’s).

Many of the crowd were responding to a tweet sent by American DJ and record producer Kaskade, where he invited fans to attend a free show outside the theatre.

The message was heavily shared. Kaskade, whose real name is Ryan Raddon, has over 92,000 followers on Twitter, and 368,000 fans on Facebook, where he also sent the invitation.

However, as the crowd grew in size chaos quickly ensued.

“There were people trampling all over the police cars, smashing the windows,” said Greg Magda, an employee at a coffee shop on Hollywood Boulevard.

Kaskade attempted to control the crowd through his Twitter feed, with seemingly no effect.

“The crowd issues that arose were a result of individuals responding to social media information, which mistakenly led them to believe they could see artists perform,” said Pasquale Rotella, whose company were promoting the film premiere.

During the chaos part of Hollywood Boulevarde was closed down, as well as a subway station under the theatre and the entertainment complex next door.

The crowd were finally calmed several hours later, after additional police officers were sent to the scene. Two arrests were made.

(Source: AP.)