Twitter Is Second-Most Visible Brand On Prime-Time TV, And It Doesn’t Pay For Any Placement

Twitter beats out all other brands, save one, when it comes to visibility on primetime broadcast TV shows. In fact, Twitter was more visible than all paid product placements on TV in August. And the company didn’t have to drop a dime.

Twitter appears to be a popular choice for TV execs to incorporate into the filming of their shows on its own merits. According to AdAge, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are all making guest appearances in TV shows, without producers asking for any advertising dollars.

AT&T was the brand with the most product placements in August according to numbers from Nielsen, with a total of 56. However, Twitter comes in second place with 27, an impressive number considering that these were all organic – and not paid – placements.

YouTube was in third place in August with 24 placements, tied with (presumably paid-for) advertising from Under Armor. Following the top three are paid placements from K-Swiss, Ford, BLT and House of Blues. Facebook comes in ninth place with 11 placements.

The shows examined in these Nielson numbers are some of the most-watched shows on prime time right now, and a lot of them are reality-type shows. This might explain why Twitter, YouTube and Facebook appear just as or more often than paid advertisers’ brands – they are services that people (even those people being filmed for reality TV) use in their day-to-day lives.

(Source: Nielsen, Hat Tip: AdAge, Image courtesy of iQoncept via Shutterstock)

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