Twitter Justifies Tweetie Acquisition With User Testing Video

After being tasked with searching for a Twitter application in the iPhone store, an educated student was unable to find a Twitter application in the app store. After searching for minutes, she couldn’t find a Twitter application. The user also wanted a free one to start with but she couldn’t find one except after being helped by the researcher in the room. This was a video presented at the Chirp conference to illustrate a problem the company faced and it also explained by the company acquired Tweetie.

Evan Williams shared a statistic with attendees of the Chirp conference: seven percent of new registrations have came through the new Blackberry application. Given that mobile is a major source of growth, the company needs to be able to take steps to grow the user base and ultimately that will be in the best interest of the developers.

By optimizing the “onboarding” process, Twitter can help continue to fuel a thriving developer ecosystem. By acquiring Tweetie, the company can help build the user base. While Evan Williams did not state that this was the company’s rationale for purchasing Tweetie, he couldn’t have been any more clear.

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