Twitter Launching 2-Step Verification in Response to AP Hack

High-profile hijackings prompt stepped-up security

Twitter is developing a two-step verification process to make it more difficult for hackers to access users' accounts, Wired reported. The new system is undergoing internal testing and may soon begin rolling out incrementally to users. 

The news comes after hackers hijacked the Associated Press Twitter account on Tuesday and posted a fake news tweet about an attack on the White House, which caused a momentary $136 billion plunge in the Dow.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and many other password-protected services have long used a two-step verification system. This type of authentication is useful because even if a hacker successfully implements a phishing scheme—as was apparently the case in the AP Twitter hack—the culprit must retrieve the code sent to the user's phone in order to access the account.

The BBC and 60 Minutes were among other recent high-profile Twitter hacks.

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