Twitter Lessons From ’90s Songs

Ah, the ’90s. Those bygone times of Skip Its and overalls seem so far away.

Luckily, the era of flannel, Saved By The Bell and beanie babies has left a permanent legacy.

And a recent browse through ‘90s nostalgia left us contemplating what tech lessons, if any, could be gleaned from the decade of scrunchies and Tamagotchis.

It turns out: many.

Here are a few poignant Twitter tips as expressed by iconic songs of the 90s:

1. “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals: Twitter is a two-way street: you get out of it what you put into it. The more actively you’re engaged on Twitter – really, any social networking platform – the more worth your time you’ll find it. Want more followers? Take the time to craft a thought-out bio, focus on consistent, content-driven tweets, and do some digging for who you want to follow – then join their dialogue.

2. “My Name Is” by Eminem: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your Twitter username is your identity on the platform. And you want people to be able to find you. Best practice is to choose a Twitter handle very close to your name or brand, and tweet – the majority of the time – about whatever is relevant to that personal or professional brand.

3. “Something in Common” by Bobby Brown: The most enriching Twitter experiences stem from connecting with tweeps who have like interests or skills. You’re going to benefit most from following and retweeting someone you admire in your industry, or whose blog you read religiously, or who is a champion of a cause or idea you believe in, too. One easy way to find people on Twitter is lists: check out five tools for using and organizing them.

4. “Whatever” by Oasis: Above all, don’t stress too much about what to tweet, when to tweet it, who to follow, or what to say to them. Twitter works because it’s an organic system, with messages coming like waves in and out of your home stream. Just dive right in, and you’ll figure it out.

Now excuse us while we rock out to “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Not a fan of 90s songs? No problem – it’s all “Water Under The Bridge.” We’ll be “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” And anyway – it’s “Closing Time.”

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