Twitter, LinkedIn Used By More Recruiters Than Facebook [STUDY]

When it comes to landing a job, everyone and their grandmothers will tell you you have to have at least one eye on social these days. Your public profiles will be searched and scrutinized before any job offer comes your way.

It’s not only important to fine-tune your social profiles when job hunting, but you should also understand how recruiters – those gatekeepers of all the plumb jobs in your industry – are using social. And the Social Recruiting Activity Report has all the information on how recruiters are using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to scout for talent.

The report, put together by Bullhorn Reach, analyzed the activity of over 35,000 recruiters in their network. It explores which social networks are used, and how they are used, by recruiters to find potential candidates for a job position.

Twitter fared pretty well in the report, landing second place in terms of which network recruiters turned to most often. LinkedIn was number one (of course), and Facebook was number three. 19 percent of recruiters are connected to both LinkedIn and Twitter, while only 10 percent are connected to both LinkedIn and Facebook.

And recruiters seem to be more focused on growing their Twitter presence than their Facebook one – in a given week, recruiters add more Twitter followers than Facebook friends.

Recruiters are also seeing better results when tweeting about a job than putting it on a Facebook page. Jobs posted to Twitter generate nearly twice as many views as those posted to Facebook, and see three times as many applications.

And, despite the fact that LinkedIn drives 3 times more views per job post than Twtter, Twitter followers are 3 times more likely to apply to a job than a LinkedIn connection (and 8 times more likely to apply than a Facebook connection).

However, Twitter still has a long way to go before it becomes a prominent job board for many industries: 75 percent of recruiters have fewer than 100 Twitter followers, while nearly 30 percent of recruiters have over 1,000 LinkedIn connections.

You can read the report in full here.

(Top image: AnglianArt via Shutterstock)