Back-to-Back Baseball for Twitter: Livestreamed MLB Games Tuesdays, New Show Wednesdays

The Dugout will debut June 14, hosted by's Alexa Datt

Friday night’s visit by the Texas Rangers to the Toronto Blue Jays marks the last Friday-night livestreamed Major League Baseball game on Twitter before its package shifts to Tuesday nights, and the social network also announced a three-hour MLB program to be livestreamed on Wednesday nights.

Twitter and MLB announced a livestreaming pact last July, but the league reached an agreement with Facebook last week, bringing 20 Friday-night games to Facebook and shifting Twitter’s slate to Tuesday nights.

The new Wednesday-night show, The Dugout, will be available at or via the @MLB Twitter account.’s Alexa Datt will host the show, which will begin June 14 and feature analysis and trending reports from the studios in New York’s Chelsea Market, as well as live look-ins and highlights from Wednesday-night games.

Beat reporters, columnists and analysts from will contribute to The Dugout, and the show will also feature appearances by former players and celebrities with baseball ties.

Here are Twitter’s upcoming Tuesday-night MLB livestreamed games (all times ET): David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.