Twitter Names First Female Board Member (Who Then Sends Her First Ever Tweet)

Twitter has over 2,000 employees but, pre-IPO, no women on its board, which was something of a bone of contention amongst the tech press. Despite CEO Dick Costolo arguing that Twitter weren’t interested in “checking a box”, it seemed inevitable that this would have to change, and yesterday the company announced its first female board member. And, to celebrate, she sent her first ever tweet.

Former Pearson CEO Marjorie Scardino is now an official member of Twitter’s board, despite only just having recently registered for the service (she signed up on October 20th) and sending her very first tweet yesterday. Which was, uh, a thank you to Twitter for putting her on their board.

It’s a bit strange, as I’m sure you’ll agree. However, when it comes to Twitter’s board, not being an active user of the service is neither unusual or, it would seem, that important, as, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Costolo aside, nobody else is all that prolific.

(Sources: Bloomberg, Quartz.)