The Art Of The Twitter Marriage Proposal

This past weekend, tattoo artist and TV personality Kat Von D got engaged to DJ Deadmau5.

Via Twitter.

The groom-to-be tweeted a photo of the engagement ring along with a message: “I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?”

The lady accepted, also via Twitter.

So is this an anomaly? Or are Twitter marriage proposals a thing these days?

Suffice it to say, in an age of omnipresent social media; a multibillion dollar wedding industry; and the modern-day urge to outsmart, outearn, even out-propose, each other; Twitter marriage proposals are increasingly common.

In fact, back in 2008, Mashable picked up on a Twitter marriage proposal – one of the first – between Max Kiesler and Emily Chang:

But they might have been beaten to the punch by Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis, who used Twitter to stay in touch in their long-distance relationship and therefore ended up getting engaged via tweet.

Earlier this year, on February 29, 2012, in celebration of the leap year a Twitter campaign offered its services of love to help the committed woman ask her man for his hand in marriage. On Twitter.

If you’re looking for a proposal with big impact and visibility, Twitter makes sense as a platform for it. A Twitter marriage proposal is the digital equivalent of onlookers surrounding a guy kneeling in front of his girlfriend in a park.

One potential downside over a real-life proposal is the 140-character limitation, which could pose a problem for the more verbose. But the need to be concise could also counteract nerves – coupled (so to speak) with the fact that you can avoid the face-to-face pressure. Although, isn’t that what makes the engagement special?

To each his own, we say.

On a related note, remember when a couple in Turkey used Twitter to exchange wedding vows?

And what about, which lets you save a tweet for all eternity by having it etched onto a sterling silver or titanium band?

What do you think about incorporating Twitter into the engagement and wedding process?

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