Marty’d: The Martina Navratilova Edition

Oh, Marty Rudolf. We’ve profiled one of Twitter’s most unusual news hounds. He spends his day tweeting at journalists and celebrities to ask them about news stories of the day. He’s a News Junkie! Despite his online interaction, there are still plenty of skeptics who maintain that Marty is nothing more than a “bot” and isn’t a real person. So, today, we begin a new feature that will focus on recent tweeters who get “Marty’d.”

In today’s edition, tennis star Martina Navratilova gets Marty’d. It all began when Marty tweeted Martina, asking her, “What made your Tennis “Rivalry” with Chris Evert so Special & Legendary in Women’s Tennis History?” Navratilova responded, “It is the greatest rivalry ever, period:). Happy to be one half of it:)” Two smiley emoticons in one answer. Navratilova was certainly happy to answer the question. But not nearly as happy as Marty, who replied, “What a Wonderful Answer!”

But that was only the beginning.

Rudolf continued to pepper Navratilova with questions and she kept responding. Navratilova, a lesbian, is well known for her stance on marriage equality. Marty threw her a question about the SCOTUS arguments taking place this week to determine the future of same sex marriage in this country. Navratilova gladly chimed in.

So, there you have it: Marty’s meet-cute with Martina. We’ll keep an eye on Marty to see who else engages the News Junkie in conversation. We’ll end by asking a favorite question of Marty’s, one he poses daily on Twitter: “Does any Political Journalists/Bloggers or News Junkies care to chat about the Biggest Stories Online?”

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