‘Twitter Mirror’ Encourages Celebs to Be Even More Self-Centered

We just can’t quit you, Shutterstock

Say you have an event to promote. Say there will be some celebrity VIPs at said event. Wouldn’t you love for those celebs to tweet images of themselves via your own feed?

Twitter is betting that the answer is yes, and they might just be onto something.

The “Twitter mirror” is a tablet “adorned with a filigree frame” and ready for celebs to step up, take a few selfies, pick the best one and send it out into cyberspace, presumably “adorned” with all appropriate hashtags. It would obviously be a great way to add some personality to staid events like awards ceremonies and other corporate gatherings.

We’re not quite sure that the mirror will “[let] the public into exclusive venues to see famous people in less guarded moments” since they’re attending heavily publicized events after spending hours with their stylists and picking the photos themselves. But the point is that there are no professional photographers involved. And that’s what selfies are all about, right?

Jimmy Kimmel Live was the first show to adopt its own mirror so guests could tweet their images while waiting in the green room to be grilled by TV’s toughest interviewer (just kidding), but the company would like pretty much every other broadcast to do the same.

It’s an appealing proposition that will theoretically help buoy publicity campaigns with minimal work from both the celeb’s publicists and the shows’ own PR teams. Of course, the best case scenario would involve a celeb tweeting said selfie from both the program’s feed and his or her own, because Katy Perry has far more followers than any show she might appear on. But that’s like, what, thirty seconds of extra work…

Are we on board?

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