So You’ve Signed Out? Now Go Mobile, Urges Twitter has a new splash page that shows up after you’ve logged out of your profile, urging you to continue your Twitter experience by visiting on your mobile device, or by downloading one of the official Twitter apps now available across all major handset devices.

This is a good idea from Twitter but certainly not unique – Facebook has been asking freshly logged-out users to stay connected for some time.

Here’s Facebook’s page:

And here’s Twitter’s (which you should also be able to see here, if you’re logged out):

It’s nicely designed, and certainly fresher looking than Facebook’s effort. As you can see the five official Twitter apps are now just one click away, which includes Twitter for iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and Windows 7.

Visit any of these pages and you can download immediately to your handset, scan a QR code or have a download link emailed to you for later.

People who don’t have a smartphone or tablet and want to use Twitter on the move can still do so via, their mobile version of the website (which isn’t bad at all… at least on an iPhone).

In a time when other companies are threatening (or at least, giving that impression) to knock them off their perch, this is a good approach from Twitter, because if they’re really intent on making their apps the apps then it’s essential that they’re constantly reminding users, old and new.

Twitter still holds all of the cards, but if somebody outside of their umbrella was to get too much of that all-important market share then it could be a problem. Not because Twitter couldn’t immediately snuff them out – they’ve already proven that they can – but because it would be very difficult to do so without looking like an evil overlord, and that’s something which very much goes against the tweets-across-America message the founders like to convey.

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