Twitter Mobile Site Updated, Looks Great Even On An Old Phone

Twitter has updated their mobile web experience to ensure that those using older feature phones, low-bandwidth networks or old browsers will be able to have the same experience as those on smartphones.

The updated uses one third less bandwidth, meaning that people will have a fast Twitter experience on their phones no matter what type of internet connection they have.

Users with older phones and slower connections will now be able to access the same features as those with smartphones, including:

  • the Home tab which houses all of the tweets from those they follow
  • the Connections tab which shows all mentions of their username
  • the Discover tab which displays trending tweets and topics
  • the Me tab which allows access to all of their tweets and direct messages

The update brings the new mobile Twitter interface that was made available to smartphone users in December to the rest of the Twitter-verse.

Twitter is clearly targeting the developing world with their new update, as in many places the internet connection is weak at best. In the blog post announcing the update, Satya Patel, VP of Product at Twitter, explained that they want to “make Twitter the most accessible way to connect with the world, even with the weakest signals and the simplest devices. “

(Man holding smartphone image via Shutterstock)