‘Twitter Music’ Launches For Select Users (Not You)

This is a dual announcement: An aqui-hire and an app development.

We told you Twitter was planning to launch its own music app – and now it has! Well, it kind of has. It will be made available to the unverified masses soon enough.

And this music app launch will be made possible by Twitter’s latest aqui-hire: We Are Hunted.

We Are Hunted officially joined Twitter today, posting this on its site:

We Are Hunted has Joined Twitter

The last few years have been an incredible experience made possible by the various staff, contractors and partners we’ve worked with. We would like to thank our board and investors, particularly Graeme Wood, who backed us in late 2007 and never stopped supporting and mentoring us. A huge thanks also to our users, who kept coming back each day to discover the great new music.

While we are shutting down wearehunted.com, we will continue to create services that will delight you, as part of the Twitter team.

There’s no question that Twitter and music go well together. Artists turn to Twitter first to connect with fans, and people share and discover new songs and albums every day. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on at Twitter.

What are you working on at Twitter?

We wish we could say but we’re not yet ready to talk about it. You’ll hear more from us when we are.

That last part is a bit of unnecessary mystery, hmm? Unless they’re working on a top secret Twitter X project (assuming there’s a Twitter X). Outside of that, we’ll go with “Twitter Music.”

Twitter Music will suggest artists and songs based on a variety of signals and will be personalized based on which accounts a user follows on Twitter. These personalized music recommendations will only be available for Twitter users, though having a Twitter account won’t be required to use the service.

Twitter Music uses four main tabs.

  • ‘Suggested’ recommends songs and artists based on a user’s follower graph — artists they are following, and artists that other people they follow are following.
  • #NowPlaying brings in links to songs tweeted by people you follow who tweet using that hashtag.
  • ‘Popular’ brings in songs trending on We are Hunted.
  • ‘Emerging’ tab tracks up-and-coming artists.

And it will be displayed in a grid design, streamed via SoundCloud.

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, you can’t use it – not yet at least. All Things D shares that Twitter has only released the app to famous folks for now. The rest of us get to suffer through their “this app is so great” posts till it’s released to the general public some time next week.

Excited or are you becoming overwhelmed with app choices and just want to be left alone to tweet?

(Image from WeAreHunted.com)

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