Twitter Implications Of The New MySpace

The reborn MySpace, backed by pop culture guru Justin Timberlake, is officially accepting users.

Early opinions of the reinvented platform range from admiring to awestruck to underwhelmed.

One statement making the rounds of the Internets is that the new MySpace seems like a mash-up of all the current popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+. But still with its signature focus on music.

The reimagined MySpace has a horizontal navigation, glossy magazine-like visual vibe and clean canvas for multimedia – photos, videos, music, text.

The crux of the platform is its “music on demand” functionality – with 53 million tracks, 5 million artists, all 4 major labels and 20,000 indies, MySpace boasts more access to more music than arguably any other platform out there.

So what does this all mean for Twitter?

As we shared yesterday, 70% of people have listened to music by an artist based primarily on what a friend posted on Twitter or Facebook. So MySpace’s focus on music will not be a monopoly, especially when rivaled by longstanding social music services like Pandora and Spotify.

The gorgeous display of images on the new MySpace is another strong point, but Twitter is also moving in the direction of spotlighting images more and more, both on its desktop and mobile versions.

The new MySpace uses a Twitter-esque asymmetric connections system wherein you can follow someone’s updates, but they don’t have to follow you back. That similarity, in addition to the likely incentive to share MySpace content via Twitter thanks to its rich aesthetic, suggests that the two networks can play well together.

MySpace may have a lot to prove, thanks to its wobbly past. Meanwhile, Twitter is here to stay.

Check out this dynamic preview video of the new – and hugely improved – MySpace, and let us know your thoughts:

(MySpace logo from MySpace)