Twitter Never Sleeps (So You Better Wake Up)

If you’re a brand on Twitter, it’s important that you remember your ABTs.

Always Be Tweeting.

Social media doesn’t sleep. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and the people therein, run 24/7. Not individually, of course, but as a collective. This group is constantly demanding your attention, be that in the form of support, product information, complaints or sometimes just because they simply want to connect. The good news is these exchanges, if managed correctly, will often lead to a receptive marketing relationship, better conversions and higher revenues.

This isn’t a recommendation to submit endless sales messages to Twitter (far from it). What it means is that if you sign up to Twitter with a product or service to market and expect it to pay off, then you have to put in the hours. No excuses. If your audience is 24/7, then you (or somebody at your organisation) has to be 24/7, too. Don’t expect customers to fit into your schedule – you have to fit into theirs.

Days with no updates look bad enough, but 48 hours is an awfully long time to be ignoring your customers – old and new. Think of it like a telephone that just rings continuously with nobody ever picking up. No matter how good the product, how many times does the average person bother to call back? Once? Never?

Remember, your biggest competitor is just one click of the follow button away. While being strong on all fronts is the ideal, for brands it’s less important to be contributing to Twitter than it is to be watching Twitter. All. The. Time.

Here’s the thing: Twitter doesn’t get to take weekends off. Twitter doesn’t go home early on Fridays. Twitter doesn’t oversleep. And Twitter doesn’t get ‘too busy’. Heck, Twitter even shows up on Christmas Day, albeit a little worse-for-wear.

It’s your call. Either do the work, pay attention and ship on time, or become yet another casualty in the ‘social media is overrated’ reject pile.