On Second Thought … Twitter Made a Change and Reversed It in Two Hours

Vice president of engineering Ed Ho chimed in via tweet, saying, 'Reconsidered and reversing'

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The bad news for Twitter is that it’s embarrassing to roll out a change and then scratch that change within two hours. The good news is that provides proof that Twitter listens to its user base.

Twitter Safety tweeted Monday afternoon that users would no longer receive notifications when they are added to lists.

A little over two hours later, and following several tweets objecting to the change, Twitter Safety tweeted that it had reconsidered the move and was rolling back the change.

Vice president of engineering Ed Ho also chimed in via tweet, saying, “Reconsidered and reversing.”

Twitter has been rolling out features and updates to combat harassment and trolls, and this aborted move may have been part of that effort.

Readers: What are your thoughts on Twitter’s introduction and quick removal of its change to notifications?

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