Twitter Opens First East Coast Data Center

Shortly after announcing its 100 million active user milestone, Twitter is expanding. To the relief of many who remember the fail whale days, Twitter will be adding another data center to keep things rolling along smoothly, this time on the East Coast.

As Data Center Knowledge reports, Twitter has settled on Atlanta as the new location for its latest data center. The center is operated by QTS (Quality Technology Services), and is a massive 990,000 square feet – among the largest data centers in the world.

This new data center will be Twitter’s first on the East Coast, and is designed to help speed up delivery of tweets and searches for its East Coast users. Plus, it can’t hurt to add some new servers to help keep Twitter from going through its early days growing pains again.

As Data Center Knowledge explains, part of Twitter’s reasons for going with QTS was likely the massive space available, and the room for growth that this will allow. An important consideration for a booming social network.

Twitter’s new servers come at a time of growth for the company. They are projected to add more than 25 million new active users to their 100 million currently, so the extra servers will help lighten that load.

Image courtesy of zentilia via Shutterstock