Twitter Partnership With Fuse Flips Social TV Scenario, Placing Twitter In The Driver’s Seat [VIDEO]

We KNEW Twitter was coming for you, TV – and we told you soAnd now that day has arrived. 

In a new partnership announced today, Twitter is officially, aggressively moving to forever flip the Social TV phenomenon by showing that Twitter can (and should) drive conversation on TV – not the other way around.

Kiss your TVs goodbye.

Citing Twitter’s amazing connection with millennials and its standing of the place “where there world unfolds,” Twitter plans to “reinvent television” by partnering with #Trending10, the first tv program sourced from real-time Twitter conversations.

Twitter and #Trending10 look to reverse engineer the Social TV experience, with conversations starting on Twitter and letting THAT effect what happens on TV – not the other way around, as it happens now.

Alex Josephson, branch strategist for Twitter, shared the platform’s excitement around the partnership because #Trending10 focuses on music and “Twitter users are passionate about music.” Josephson shares that music is one of the most talked about topics of conversation on Twitter with more than half of its users following at least one professional musician – and Twitter has never really taken that data and harnessed it in a public way. Till now.

Calling Fuse (Trending10’s parent company) “an accredited voice in the music space,” Josephson shares that Twitter has granted them special access to Twitter’s music data to create something called a “heat tracker.”

The heat tracker works 24/7 to sift through tweets and show conversations in music that are happening in real-time. Check out the video below to learn more about THAT.

What does music have to do with gum though? Well, gum is an impulse buy and Trident knows this, so they’re doing this to stay top of mind with consumers. Smart folks. #Trending10 has a “flavor of the week” feature and it will integrate with Trident flavors. So if the flavor is cinnamon, the feature will focus on “what’s hot” – or if it’s spearmint, they’ll focus on “what’s fresh” and so on. 

Check out the full announcement below.

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