Twitter Celebrates 2013 First Quarter Platform Improvements

Twitter wants to make sure you didn’t miss any of the improvements it made to the microblogging platform during the first quarter of 2013, so it shared a summary of events, which we’ll . . . summarize for you below.

It’s actually a neat little list of ‘things you may have missed’ to give it a peek.

Twitter’s Developer Blog is a great place to keep up on what’s going on with Twitter behind the scenes. It may not be glamourous, but by golly it gets the job done!

And here are some of jobs it accomplished in the first quarter of 2013 (with a little help from other business teams at Twitter, no doubt):

The Retirement of API v1. There were lots of smaller moving parts to this animal, but the retirement itself has been a huge undertaking. The biggest thing this quarter were the multiple blackout tests designed to “give developers an opportunity to understand the impact that the retirement would have on websites, widgets and services.” 

May 7, 2013 is the official “end” date, by the way.

The retirement of the API will also soon make the older “goodie” widget obsolete. If your site still uses this product, please be sure to switch to Embedded Timelines as soon as possible.

The first quarter also saw the sunset of @Anywhere. This was the way websites used to integrate Twitter into websites. Seems SO long ago now, doesn’t it?

Embedded Tweet & Timline Improvements. As you’ll recall, Twitter has made it easier to embed tweets – and customizable Twitter timelines on websites. They also offered “improved performance, full support for Twitter cards, and the inclusion of live retweet and favorite counts.” 

Twitter Cards. The latest – and biggest game changer for Twitter – was its substantial Twitter cards improvements.

The first major change was the introduction of mobile app deep-linking in cards. Mobile app deep-linking allows users to tap a link and view content directly in the app, or go to download the app if they have not yet installed it.

The second change relates to the introduction of three new Cards: appproduct and gallery. The goal behind releasing these new cards is to give publishers and developers more flexibility to show new types of content.

Looks like they’ve set the bar pretty high for Q2. We’ll keep you posted!

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