Want To Work At Twitter? Watch Their Hilarious New Recruitment Film [VIDEO]

Back in May 2009, Twitter employed just 69 people. Fast-forward to the present and the microblogging company now has more than 700 names on its staff roster, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down the hiring process.

Check out Twitter’s jobs page, and you’ll see dozens of openings. The bird is, essentially, always hiring. In fact, they’re so keen to recruit new people, that they’ve made a short video to show just how great it is to work at Twitter… with hilarious results.

The film, made by Twitter duo Ian Padgham (artist) and Jeremy Biggs (video), was the end result of a project from Twitter’s #hackweek, with the goal being to make the best/worst recruitment video of all time. And by jove, they’ve succeeded.

Check out the video below.

All credit to Twitter (and CEO Dick Costolo) for this – it’s a great idea that has been executed superbly, and is genuinely funny. And if you wanted another look at what it’s like to work at Twitter, check out what this (anonymous) software engineer has to say.