Twitter Teases Users With A Redesign Screenshot

Doug Bowman, creative director at Twitter, posted a screenshot of new Twitter design yesterday. While little is revealed, there are some things that will significantly change the user experience. Below is a summary of the few changes that have leaked out via this new screenshot.

As you can see they have removed total number of tweets and are planning to show tweets per day instead. This change may be much relevant and attractive for new users who are just started to use Twitter. You’ll instantly be able to determine if a given follower will create too much noise in your feed. It’s also useful to identify if a user is essentially inactive.

For those Twitter users who have been using the service since early on, there’s a numer for you too: total number of days you’ve been on Twitter. For many users this is a source of pride as being among the early adopters has carries a certain level of pride with it. While these are only a few of the changes that we know of right now, it’s clear that Twitter is planning a massive upgrade. Do you think any of these changes will drive users to interact with the service more frequently? Do you like the new design?