Twitter Retires API V1, Transitioning To V1.1

In March, Twitter announced via its developer blog that its API v1 would officially retire on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, then gave developers a reprieve with a May announcement that the API 1 shutdown wouldn’t take place until June 11.

Now the transition to API V1.1 has officially taken place.

Taylor Singletary, of Twitter’s platform team, wrote in a blog post on Twitter,

“Given the array of blackout tests, blog posts, Tweets and other updates, this should (hopefully) not be a surprise…. We’re excited to bring this process to a close and to continue building a strong platform & ecosystem on API v1.1 and to make it even more valuable for you.”

What’s different in API 1.1?

Basically, Twitter wants to set boundaries for its app ecosystem, ensuring that no third-party apps are emulating the experience too closely. Plugins will no longer be able to pull information from Twitter the way it has in the past.

Those clients that do not adhere to the new rules could have their application key revoked. In addition, all third-party apps now have to be certified by Twitter before pre-installation.

For more information, check out the resources Twitter’s developers’ blog has enumerated.

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