Twitter Puts Out New Dumbed-Down, Salesy App Store Screenshots

Twitter just rolled out an app update that includes the ability to send photos in DMs, and get in-app notifications when people DM you, favorite, retweet or reply to your tweets.

Here’s what Twitter rolled out in tandem with its app enhancements: new app store screenshots overlaid with dumbed-down tips about the network.

This is how Twitter’s app images used to look in the App Store:

And here’s what Twitter just published with its latest app update:

The screengrabs are the same on Android’s Google Play.

There’s a definite shift here toward attracting new users – most blatantly by defining what a tweet “can be.” Plus including a call-out in Spanish.

The new images also point to the increasing emphasis on Twitter as a conversation platform, as tweets are defined as not just photos and articles, but also conversations – and Twitter’s much-maligned new threaded conversations plus this app update’s highlight of DMs on mobile mean that Twitter is only going to continue pursuing this strategy.

Not to mention, Twitter just signed a pair of deals with mobile software companies to enable customers in emerging markets to access Twitter via their mobile phones without a data connection in a very text-message-like format.

But will Twitter’s strategy, understandable in light of the recent IPO, to make the network as accessible as possible, both literally in terms of Internet connection and conceptually in terms of newbies who don’t understand how to use Twitter, impact the millions of people who’ve been using it for years?

If the uproar against threaded conversations is any indicator, that effect is a possibility.

(Wooden ABC blocks image via Shutterstock.)

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