Twitter Adds ‘Search By Date’ Feature

Twitter Adds "Search By Date" Feature

Twitter has added a new feature that makes it easier for its users to find old tweets.

With about a billion tweets sent every two days, you can imagine how difficult archiving and making all this content searchable must be. And that’s why, in the past, it has been notoriously difficult to search through old tweets. In fact, it was just February of 2013 that Twitter allowed tweets older than seven days to show up in search results at all.

But it looks like the company is moving quickly to give its users access to the massive amounts of past tweets it has accumulated.

If you visit Twitter’s advanced search page, you’ll notice a new field called “Dates”. Here, you can enter a date range to which to limit your search.

This means that you can find out what people were saying about your brand during that campaign you ran two months ago, or how people reacted to past industry news.

As TechCrunch points out, it was actually possible to search by date range before this feature was introduced. However, it was an often-overlooked ability, given that searchers had to understand the syntax behind Twitter’s advanced search. Now, the ability to search by date is as simple as clicking a button.

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