Twitter Sees 4 Billion SMS Per Month, Expects Much More Growth

Twitter is going through quite a boom. In the past nine months alone, the company has seen more infrastructure growth than in its previous five years. And a lot of that action is happening on mobile.

Michael Abbott, vice president of engineering at Twitter, spoke at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2011 summit in San Francisco on Tuesday.

As ZDNet reports, Abbott explained that he expects to see an massive increase in the number of tweets when Twitter is integrated into iOS 5. This integration (which will include iPhone, iPad and iPod products) means that Twitter will be baked directly into the new Apple operating system, and Abbott believes that this will foster innovation among third-party Twitter developers and ultimately improve user experience.

He went on to say that Twitter has enjoyed a growth rate of 82 percent since the beginning of the year – a big number from a company traditionally tight-lipped on their stats.

To harness the 100 million active users that the company recently announced, Abbott outlined a new plan of attack: to focus more on bringing relevant tweets to interested users.

He gave the example of a local fire department on Twitter. A resident of the area might follow them, but a visitor probably wouldn’t. However, a visitor might still need to hear information about a fire in the area. Twitter will be working on how to bring this type of information to its users.

And, to underline this emphasis that Twitter will be putting on getting the right information to the right users at the right time, Abbott said, “We’re not a social network. We’re an information network.”

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