Twitter Testing ‘Significant Engagement’ Feature For Verified Users

Twitter Testing 'Significant Engagement' Feature For Verified Users

By its own admission Twitter experiments with a new feature at least once each day and while most of these are simply that – experiments – some do go on to become core parts of the system.

The latest experiment doing the rounds is called Significant Engagement, which surfaces “important or higher than usual engagement with your account or Tweets.”

The tweak is being shown to a small subset of iOS and Android users and only those who are verified, with Twitter pushing notifications towards your smartphone when you’re generating higher than normal engagement, like so:

Twitter Testing 'Significant Engagement' Feature For Verified Users

If you manage ad campaigns on Twitter you’ll be used to notifications and emails that alert you to high-performing ads, so this seems a logical step from Twitter. That said, these alerts can be pretty annoying, so – assuming that this experiment ever sees the full light of day – thankfully you can opt out.

(Hat tip: The Next Web.)

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