Twitter Buys Two Startups To Make Inroads In European Social TV Market

Twitter Buys Two Startups To Make Inroads In European Social TV Market

There has been a deluge of news recently about Twitter’s push to become the king of social TV, from its acquisition of Bluefin Labs to track what consumers say about what they see on TV, to its TV Ad Targeting service that syncs Twitter and TV ad campaigns.

Now, Twitter is eyeing the European TV market. The company has acquired two European startups that work with the broadcasting industries in France and the UK.

As TechCrunch reports, Twitter is buying two startups: France’s Mesagraph and the UK’s SecondSync.

Mesagraph works with French broadcasters like Canal+, M6 and TF1, as well as analytics providers and other brands. And SecondSync not only works with UK broadcasters, but it was a key partner to Facebook prior to this acquisition – something that TechCrunch notes was only announced earlier this year.

Twitter’s aggressive acquisitions will pave the way for the company to work more closely with advertisers and broadcasters across Europe.

This push follows recent statistic released by Twitter that show just how important those 140-character messages are to advertisers. According to the study, 90 percent of Twitter users who see a TV show-related tweet are likely to either immediately watch the show, search for more information, or share tweet-based content about the show. These types of actions would no doubt attract advertisers around the globe.

(Source: TechCrunch; Twitter TV image via Sokrati)

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