Twitter Now Employs More Than 700 People

We’ve tracked Twitter’s staff roster pretty closely at AllTwitter over the past couple of years. Back in May 2009 the company’s employment count was just 69 (dude). By February of this year that number had jumped to almost 400, reached 500 in May and 600 in June, when the company hired more than 70 people in a month.

Things have slowed a little since then, and Twitter has let a few key people go, but the company is still picking up new bodies at a decent pace, and now boasts a staff of more than 700.

706, to be precise.

You’ll be pleased to see that 20 of them are still using the default avatar. Talk about dedication to your work. Still, at 2.83%, that’s down almost half since June, so clearly some words have been shared. As the staff roster keeps rising, maybe it takes Jack Dorsey a while to walk around his ever-growing office.

(Source. Twitter. Top image credit: Oxlock via Shutterstock.)