Twitter Staffer Tweets Through Labor, Media Coverage Ensues, Baby is Born

Claire Diaz-Ortiz, a Twitter staffer, live tweeted the birth of her little girl.

claire baby tweetsAmong the many things that happened this past weekend, babies were born. Maybe you know one of them. Maybe you gave birth to one of them.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz tweeted through labor, so we have digital evidence that she did, indeed, have a baby. (Just in case the actual baby wasn’t proof enough. And let’s face it, those Lifetime movies have shown us that it is not.)

Diaz-Ortiz is a Twitter staffer, and on Saturday morning, she took to Twitter to announce that her water broke and subsequently started a hashtag, #inlabor, to document the birth of her daughter Lucia.

Buzzfeed was in touch with Diaz-Ortiz’s dad who confirmed that she is in labor in Buenos Aires.

At one point, Diaz-Ortiz reports that her car broke down and she had to hail a taxi to the hospital. And she reminds readers a few times that she’s gone into labor weeks early, so there’s a sense of chaos about all that’s happening.

claire blergh tweet

But in the end, she had a precious little girl, Lucia, and a number of well wishes from celebs who followed the story, including Mia Farrow, Christy TurlingtonUgly Betty‘s America Ferrera, Bethenny FrankelThe New York Times’ Nick Kristof, Ricki Lake and Alyssa Milano. The Today show’s Orange Room tweeted about it, so we should expect discussion of it tomorrow morning on the show. A number of outlets, from Business Insider to The Washington Times have also covered the story.

After signing off for an hour an half, she signed on again with a pic of her little baby. And naturally, the little one already has a Twitter handle.

Congratulations to mom and baby. And for Twitter, this very lovely live tweet shows the human side of this digital technology.