Twitter Surfaces As King Of Video Referrals

According to new TubeMogul stats released by Mashable, Twitter is emerging as a powerhouse for online video referrals. Twitter has left sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing in the dust with their average monthly growth in number of streams referred, as well as the average minutes of video watched per stream.

What is the reason for Twitter’s massive growth as a video referral site? According to Mashable, one of the biggest reasons is that people use Twitter not only to connect with friends in the real world, but also to connect with their specific interests. Therefore, Twitter is a great place for users to find video content related to their personal hobbies, likes and other interests.

The fact that Twitter makes it so easy for users to share and retweet content could also have something to do with the site’s rapid growth as a video referrer. After seeing multiple friends tweet about the same video, many users are far more likely to watch the videos to see what the buzz is all about. People generally tweet about video content that they genuinely enjoy, so Twitter is a good way to find the diamonds in the rough.

The moral of this story is that if you aren’t using Twitter to share your video content then it is worth your while to start. Facebook is a great way to share your content with a small group of friends, but when it comes to Twitter you can share your video links with the whole world through tweets, retweets and Twitter searches.

What has your experience been with finding videos on Twitter? Have you discovered more videos on Twitter than other social sites?