Twitter Activity Around Target’s Credit Card Breach [STATS]

Amid holiday heyday, Target’s payment systems were hacked, compromising 40 million customers’ payment information.

Target’s target by hackers stretched from Black Friday through December 15.

But at that point Twitter activity about the unfortunate data breach was still manifest.

Data from analytics firm Crimson Hexagon breaks down the Twitter Target buzz after the first two and a half weeks.

– From December 18-19, almost three weeks after the hack, more than 587,000 tweets relevant to Target’s credit card breach were sent, a rate of about 12,000 tweets per hour.

– During that time, Target’s Twitter handle was mentioned more than 48,000 times.

– Hashtag #target had more than 31,000 mentions December 18-19 and #databreach had more than 5,200 mentions.

This snapshot is an indicator of just how jostled the Twittersphere, and the Internet at large, was about the scandal.

To its credit, Twitter has been calm and communicative via its Twitter feed:

(Target image via AP.)

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