Twitter Tests New Text Ads in Sidebar

It looks like Twitter is testing out a new format for ad placement: If you access Twitter through, you’ll notice ads now appearing underneath the “Trends” and “Who to Follow” modules on the right-hand sidebar.

The new ads likely won’t get the kind of click juice that promoted trends get, but Twitter is clearly trying to expand its offerings to advertisers and test the waters with creative ad placement outside of their Promoted Products suite.

On Thursday, Clickz got a hold of some advertising documents from Twitter which outlined a new Beta Partnership Program, described as a less expensive way to advertise on Twitter. I wonder if the new sidebar ads will be part of the partnership program, as they likely won’t get as many clicks as targeted trends and tweets, and thus might be cheaper to buy.

You actually might not have noticed these ads, as there has been text in that space for some time. However, before Thursday, the text linked to things like Twitter for Blackberry and iPhone – and these still appear in the rotation. Twitter has just added in advertising for the royal wedding coverage on ABC and the NFL draft coverage to the mix.

Interestingly, as Mashable notes, there is nothing to indicate that these new ads are actually ads, other than a CSS class that is only visible when you view the HTML code (and who really does that?).

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