Twitter To Open "Annotations" Metadata To All Developers

Rather than limiting the types of information users can attach to their tweets, Twitter is opening up a new solution called “Annotations” which will enable developers to attach any type of information. While Ryan Sarver, the director of Twitter’s Platform, did not articulate how this will function, he emphasized that the service would be completely open for developers.

This could be displayed through a new publisher, as we alluded to this morning, however the design has not been described yet. This is ultimately a step in the direction of features that are embedded within the Facebook Platform, although not identical. In other words it sounds like a hybrid of Facebook’s custom tags feature combined with Facebook’s publisher attachments.

Unfortunately there were few other details but it’s essentially what we alluded to this morning although it won’t be illustrated in the design. We’ll be sure to post more details about this when we get it!

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