Twitter to Refocus on Mobile in Coming Months

At the VentureBeat Mobile Summit this week, Twitter’s vice president of engineering, Michael Abbott, had a lot to say about the company’s increasing focus on mobile.

All Things D reports that Abbot and his team will still be making apps despite Twitter’s recent successes with HTML5. So you fans of Twitter for iPhone, don’t fret: there’s no plans to shelf the app any time soon.

Abbott also noted that this refocus on mobile is Twitter going back to basics: it began as an SMS service, and even today 40% of tweets are sent from a mobile device.

While on stage, Abbott addressed some of the criticism that Twitter had been hit with lately in light of its perceived squashing of the third-party developer community. He hinted that Twitter is working towards some new solutions for building “a clearer roadmap of how to build into twitter versus off of twitter,” for outsiders.

VentureBeat also notes that Abbott spoke a bit about Jack Dorsey’s return to Twitter as the head of product development: he’s apparently “at the company every day”, and is available when Abbott needs him at any time of day or night. He didn’t get into specifics, but he did say that Dorsey’s juggling of both Twitter and Square was his own business – but it appears that he’s handling the Twitter side of things pretty well.