Twitter To Split Promoted Tweets Revenue Evenly With Developers

A big announcement for developers to come out of Twitter’s Chirp developer conference, was that Twitter will split revenue evenly with developers who chose to display promoted tweets within their applications. Instantly, Twitter has provided a new revenue model for the thousands of developers who have built applications on their platform. Want to make money? Build an efficient distribution mechanism of Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets“.

This is a significant contrast to Facebook who currently does not currently provide any monetization solution for any developers. While Facebook is expected to announce an expanded ad platform, which some people have speculated will be a source for developer revenue, nothing has been officially announced yet. While Facebook may make an announcement next week, there’s still nothing formally announced.

It’s clear that Twitter’s new monetization solution is still in its infancy and has immediately come under the scrutiny of the press who believes Twitter is a lesser platform for having no revenue model. At this point, the model is pretty obvious but the platform is still new. We’ll learn more about “Promoted Tweets” in the coming months, however this sounds like a pretty logical solution.

Do you think Promoted Tweets will turn into a big business for Twitter? Do you think this will be a significant revenue model for developers?