Twitter-Owned TweetDeck Kills Off, Users Can No Longer Send Messages Longer Than 140 Characters

It’s taken a while, but Twitter has finally focused its attention on not-so-recently purchased TweetDeck. And it’s attention comes in the form of an axe.

The first feature to get chopped from TweetDeck is its app, which enabled users to tweet things longer than 140 characters by redirecting those interested in reading the extended post to a separate web page.

The announcement that would no longer be available to TweetDeck users came, in proper Twitter fashion, in the form of a tweet:

The fact that was the first TweetDeck feature to go isn’t surprising. It does go against the very fabric that Twitter was built upon – the ability to easily send tweets via SMS. And even though most phones nowadays can easily handle text messages (and tweets) longer than 140 characters, the company has never even hinted at budging on the issue and expanding its character count.

Any TweetDeck user that is shaking in his or her boots at the thought that Twitter might discontinue TweetDeck altogether just needs to remember their position when they acquired the dashboard: “We will continue to invest in the TweetDeck that users know and love.” And while that might exclude, it certainly doesn’t mean that Twitter is anywhere near abandoning TweetDeck altogether.

Image courtesy of Ivancovlad via Shutterstock