Twitter Users Rally to Save Man From Committing Suicide

Amid the rumors that yet another government will shut down Twitter to subdue its citizens this weekend, a small but powerful Twitter story emerged from South Korea: a man’s life was saved by the goodwill and concern of his Twitter followers.

A South Korean man whose Twitter handle is only given as @KoW***** reportedly decided not to commit suicide after messages of support and love came flooding in on Twitter.

Korea Times reports that on Saturday afternoon, the unnamed man began tweeting that he was planning to commit suicide. He chose to use Twitter to create his will and leave his last thoughts for his brother in the military and his family and friends because he had no paper.

Within minutes the man’s followers had contacted police, attempted to reach his brother at the army base in which he was serving, and sent multiple messages to the man urging him to reconsider.

After several hours, one Twitter user reported that he had received a call from the Third Army Division where the suicidal man’s brother was stationed, informing him that his brother was safe.

The man himself went on Twitter later in the weekend and posted the following tweet:

“I would like to offer my sincere apology to the police, military officials, firefighters and fellow twitter users for causing a great deal of trouble to them. I will continue to live. I will remember that a heyday will come for everyone, and when my day comes, I will be happier than anyone.”

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