Twitter Opening A “Global Center Of Excellence” In Vancouver

Calling all 2012 computer science majors: Twitter is building a “global center of excellence” in Vancouver and it needs you.

In a post on its Jobs site, Twitter called for “computer science graduates to work on some of the most interesting technical challenges in the industry today.”

Twitter is specifically looking for 2012 computer science graduates in Canada whose academic achievements “set [them] apart from the other ‘A’ students” and who have “boundless potential.”

Additional requirements to qualify for the position:

· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from a global Top 100 university
· Code using Objective-C, Scala, Java, C++, HTML/CSS
· At least two of the following:

– Recipient of academic scholarships, grants, or awards
– Article published in your name in a peer-reviewed academic journal
– Invitations to speak or present at technical conferences
– Internship experience at major web-based consumer Internet company
– Competitive experience in top coding competitions or math/science Olympiads
– Recognized from computer science organizations for programming work
– Demonstrated contributions to corporate sponsored hack-a-thons
– Demonstrated open-source contribution
– Previous success in a performance-critical environment

Know anyone who qualifies? Send them over to the job application form.

Twitter’s new Vancouver outpost joins Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Salesforce in one of the region’s strongest industrial and talent magnets.

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