Twitter Vigilantes Now Get Points For Reporting Spam Accounts

How many times have you tweeted about a trending topic or a hot commodity like the iPhone and received a spammy response from a total stranger? If this has ever happened to you, you now have the option to get back at the spammers, while making Twitter a better place and earning points. A recipe for success if I’ve ever seen one.

Later, Spam is the newest Twitter app on the block, and it’s getting a lot of buzz in the blog-o-sphere.

Andre Torrez (@torrez) posed a challenge to his Twitter followers earlier in September:

“If I had time I’d make an app where you can report Twitter spammers and get a point when they are deactivated (There’s an API method for it)”

No one took him up on his challenge, so he snatched a few free hours himself and whipped together Later, Spam. If you’re into development, his description of how he put together the program is worth a read.

If you head on over to Later, Spam, you will see a bare-bones description of the app and a button to sign in with Twitter. Once you connect your Twitter account, you’ll be able to start accumulating points for every spammer that you flag and who subsequently gets kicked off Twitter for their nasty ways.

Here’s a look at Later, Spam in action, with tweets that you’ve marked as possible spam on the left, and your tally of who has been taken care of by Twitter on the right:

If you’ve got a bit of vigilante blood in you, this app is perfect. You will not only be cleaning house, making Twitter safer and less cluttered for other users, but you’ll also get points while doing it – and anyone who’s played Farmville or who watches their follower tally like a hawk knows how satisfying points can be.

Image courtesy of V. J. Matthew via Shutterstock