Twitter, Vine, Periscope Debut Rio 2016 Features

Twitter, Vine and Periscope are ready for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games from Rio de Janeiro.

Twitter, Vine and Periscope are ready for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games from Rio de Janeiro.

Twitter senior director of Latin American media partnerships Carlos Henrique Moreira Jr. detailed the social network’s and apps’ Rio 2016 features in a blog post.

The Olympics have spawned emojis aplenty, as 207 team emojis can be triggered by users simply by including the three-letter country code for each team in a hashtag, including the Refugee Olympic Team (#ROT).


There are also more than 50 other Olympics and sports emojis, which can be triggered by hashtags in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and Moreira added that the #Rio2016 and #Olympics hashtags also work in Japanese, Korean and Arabic.


Twitter also created a new Rio 2016 section in its Moments tab, which is currently available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S., with country-specific Moments also available in France, Germany and Japan.

Users can follow country-specific Moments throughout the games to see highlights of their favorite teams and sports, as well as recap moments with results and medal counts.


There will be a featured channel on Periscope with Rio 2016 content, as well as related content in Vine’s Explore section, and when Vine users double-tap Vines from the @Olympics account and various team accounts, they will see the Olympic Flame rather than a heart.

In Rio de Janeiro itself, Olympics-related tweets from around the world will be projected live on the Arcos da Lapa aqueduct.


Twitter Buzz, a customized tour bus, will also cruise around the city, offering free Wi-Fi and displaying live tweets and Periscope broadcasts on its windows.


Finally, Twitter provided data on the countries, sports and athletes that drew the most pre-Olympics buzz. The top three countries were the U.S., Brazil and Japan. The top three sports were basketball, volleyball and swimming. And the top three athletes were Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles.

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Twitter users: Are you ready for Rio 2016? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.