Brands Growing Faster On Twitter Than Facebook [STUDY]

It appears that Twitter may bring a smaller, but more active, audience to brands than Facebook does.

A new study from social advertising and analytics startup Optimal examined data from 4,330 brands to determine whether each brand’s Twitter or Facebook following outpaced the other. The results are definitely interesting.

The data pool represented a total of 3.49 billion Facebook Likes and 595 million Twitter followers.

Last week, the most recent measurement period, the examines brands added 18.5 million likes and 4.5 million Twitter followers. On a percentage basis, the average following grew 55% more quickly on Twitter than it did on Facebook.

Optimal also broke down the data by industry. Department and general merchandise stores had the highest growth rate on Twitter (2.01%, compared to 0.59% on Facebook), while books and magazines had the lowest (0.46%, vs. 0.61% on Facebook).

Here’s the data:

It’s of course important to bear in mind that Facebook likes don’t equate one-to-one with Twitter followers. But, that said, those two values are the metric of choice for each platform so it’s a fair basis of comparison for brand performance.

Note that Facebook-owned Instagram has five times as many Twitter followers as it does Facebook likes. Other brands with a larger Twitter than Facebook following in raw numbers include: the New York Times, CNN, BBC World, NASA, and the Guardian. That’s a pretty clear indicator that Twitter is a crucial source of news for people, compared to Facebook’s affinity for brands that are products – see Adidas’ 20.5 million Facebook likes vs. 0.6 million Twitter followers.

What conclusions do you draw from the data?

(Image via Brandify, chart via Optimal)

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