Twitter Was Quiet During Peak Black Friday Shopping [Infographic]

Data from Twitter reveals spikes before and after Black Friday shopping hours but when it was time to shop, people were focused on the task at hand.

The employees at the software development firm Setfive got very curious about the Twitter response to Black Friday. So, they hooked into Twitter’s streaming API sample and recorded all tweets mentioning Black Friday.

They collected more than 1 million tweets and were able to compress that data into a handy infographic. The data was collected over a 24-hour period from 8pm EST Thursday to 8pm EST Friday. There were two main spikes; the first occurred at 5am with over 30,000 tweets per hour, the second was at 3pm with over 50,000 tweets per hour.

There was a lull between 6am and noon, peak Black Friday shopping hours. This dip in activity can likely be attributed to the fact that it’s difficult to tweet while you’re engaged in full contact shopping.

The top retailer mentions might come as a surprise to some with Abercrombie and Victoria’s Secret taking the top two spots with nearly 19,000 between them. Walmart came in third, but perhaps the most surprising is online retailer Etsy taking fourth place with over 5,000 mentions. Verizon Wireless came in fifth.

One of the hashtags that generated the most controversy is #WalmartFights. Brawls broke out in several Walmart stores and two men were stabbed in separate incidents this Black Friday. The mania even spread to Northern Ireland when Asda, Wal-Mart’s UK subsidiary, held their own Black Friday sales. The event was described as “Bedlam.”

The most tweeted hashtags may be a sign of things to come; #CyberMonday, #WalmartStrikers and #WalmartFights could be signs that people are tired of the rough and tumble of Black Friday. A lot of people might be taking their shopping online next year.

Featured image credit: eldh